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Salima Technologies consultants provide combination of technical expertise and real-world experience required to build scalable, robust, and customized IT architecture tailored to meet specific requirements of our clients. A significant number of IT projects still fail. The reason is simple; many organizations still treat application development like an art and not like an engineering discipline. Salima Technologies consultants leverage proven methodologies and best practices, speeding implementation while reducing business and technical risk.



Salima Technologies developers are true Software Engineers. They architect, design, build and deploy complex technology-based business solutions in a consistent, repeatable process. They understand the close interaction between corporate strategy, business processes and workforce components in the solutions they create.



Salima Technologies understands why IT projects succeed or fail. When we consult, we equip ourselves with the tools and training to ensure success. We start with talented consultants with applicable training and experience and have them work in highly orchestrated teams.





You can leverage Salima Technologies's technical expertise to create new applications, transform legacy systems, fill gaps in existing software, or re-architect IT systems for new levels of competitive advantage.


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