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Our Values



Salima Technologies developers are true Software Engineers. They architect, design, build and deploy complex technology-based business solutions in a consistent, repeatable process.

They understand the close interaction between corporate strategy, business processes and workforce components in the solutions they create. And they have deep technical skills to deliver complex solutions at any scale.


Our solutions are designed to overcome critical business challenges to make your organization more successful and competitive. Our clients seek these solutions due to several common business drivers:

*   Reduce Costs

*   Improve Agility

*   Improve Customer Satisfaction



Salima Technologies develops creative solutions.

We fulfill our responsibility of providing professional service in a manner that will always be responsive and reliable through a team approach.
Each team combines specific knowledge and expertise to ensure that all aspects of each client’s business needs are met.

Salima Technologies delivers on its commitments.

We understand what is expected of us:


Meet and exceed our client expectations...




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